We, HANYEONG METAL, are specialized in manufacturing
various CAST IRON Products.



1980 ~ 1990

  • APR 1980Established Han Yeong Metal Company
  • MAR 1982Started to produce casting products with 1 Ton Cupola and 4 Squeeze Molding M/C
  • APR 1982Converted into incorporated company as Han Yeong Metal Ind. Co., Ltd.
  • JUN 1982Started to export casting products to U.S.A
  • NOV 1985Received 1 million dollar Export Tower Award at annual trade day ceremony
  • MAR 1986Relocated factory : Hakjang-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan
  • MAR 1986Expanded production capacity with 3 Ton cupola and 18 Squeeze molding M/C
  • AUG 1989Acquired ISO 9002 certificate (BSI)
  • JUN 1990Installed 3 Ton electric melting furnace

1991 ~ 2000

  • JUN 1993Set up automatic molding line (AMF-III, TOKYU)
  • FEB 1998Designated as Competent Exporter (SME Business Corporation)
  • SEP 1999Acquired Germany TÜV certificate
  • SEP 2000Selected as a model enterprise for structural improvement (SME Business Corporation)

2001 ~

  • JUN 2001Acquired SQ(Supplier Quality) certificate (Hyundai Kia Motors)
  • DEC 2001Acquired QS 9000 certificate (BSI)
  • JUL 2005Acquired ISO/TS 16949 certificate (BSI)
  • NOV 2005Acquired KR certificate (Korean Register Of Shipping)
  • APR 2015Selected as an enterprise with root technology (SME Business Administration)